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For our emerging talent: 4-6 years

We look to harness each players confidence, creativity, imagination and energy and therefore design our games to match. Through fast-paced practice stations, which compared to our Mini’s programme are increasingly football focused, it means children continue to understand the importance of techniques, skills, and team play.


Through all of this we ensure that all our players and any new starters have a huge amount of fun every session, and leave wanting more!


What makes our juniors course great:


  • More football centric, whilst retraining some focus on multi-skills and ABCs

  • Children learn to play independently away from parents, and with their friends

  • 60 minute classes

  • Efficiently staffed, by FA/UEFA qualified coaches, all carrying CRB and 1st Aid certificates

  • Safe, fun, learning environment

  • Saturday and Sunday sessions available



What we develop:


Through Frontline Football’s fun through learning philosophy, we look to inspire all aspects of a child’s physical and mental development. Throughout any Frontline Juniors course, we will look to positively affect:


  • Technical and tactical development

  • Social skills and emotion control

  • Communication and use of correct language

  • Motor Skills and ABCs (Agility, Balance and Coordination)

  • Physical well-being, development and outlook on exercise

  • Mathematical development, and individual creativity and Imagination

Venues and timings for future sessions will be confirmed soon!

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