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Frontline Football Academy

The very best footballing education and experience

The culmination of everything our players have learned, where team play, competitions and challenges take centre stage. A specially designed curriculum by our elite academy staff members means players get the very best footballing education and experience.


Competing in weekly matches against other local teams, with weekly training sessions means our players get the opportunity to test themselves and their newly formed skills in a competitive, positive, learning environment that encourages bravery, good decision making and hard work for your fellow team mates. Results for Frontline Football will be the learning, development and most importantly ENJOYMENT of our players, whilst teaching players the characteristics of how to win.


What Makes Our Frontline Football Academy Great:

  • Pride in the environment we create for our players to thrive

  • Children who enjoy playing matches, and challenge themselves to improve against others

  • 90 minute training sessions

  • Weekly matches against challenging opposition

  • Efficiently staffed, by FA/UEFA qualified coaches, all carrying CRB and 1st Aid certificates

  • Regular in-house tournaments

  • A specially designed curriculum that builds on all Four Corners of the FA Model


What We Develop:

Through Frontline Football’s fun through learning philosophy, we look to inspire all aspects of a child’s physical and mental development. Throughout any Frontline Football Academy team, we will look to positively affect

  • Technical and Tactical Development

  • Social skills and emotion control

  • Communication and use of correct language

  • Motor Skills and ABCs (Agility, Balance and Coordination)

  • Developing strong relationships and team ethics

  • Physical well-being, development and outlook on exercise

  • Bravery, creativity, imagination and execution during a game or match.


Available Frontline Football Academy Sessions:

Venues and timings for future sessions will be confirmed soon!​

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