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School Holidays

Half terms, Easter holidays, summer holidays and inset days. Time off school should be a time for fun, enjoyment and playing with friends. What better way for your child to spend their school holidays than at a Frontline Football sports and football camp.

We run specially designed courses for our two different age groups and to include both Multi Sports and Football, truly a week with something for everyone.

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A specially designed programme means that through the week our players will explore a world of their favourite players. Developing exercises throughout the week mean our players will learn, develop and practice their 1v1s, Skills and Tricks, Passing and Receiving, Decision Making, Finishing, Defending Skills and Attacking Overloads.


Daily challenges, competitions and games give players a change to put their new skills to the test in a fun learning environment.

Our journey through the greatest players is completed on Friday with a whole day dedicated to a WORLD CUP TOURNAMENT where all players will compete to win the trophy and will all play a key role in the success of their team!​


Our multisports clubs ensure that all players explore a range of sports and games, where they will learn new techniques, practice skills, and put them in challenges, games and competitions against their friends.

The exciting, fun sports that they will play include basketball, rugby, dodgeball, cricket, athletics, tennis, hockey and handball (aswell as some football)….to name just a few. Couple these brilliant sports with our agility, balance, coordination and speed games, all our players will develop key motor skills throughout the day.

A multisports week is concluded with the FRONTLINE OLYMPICS, where players are placed in countries and compete against others to win the trophy for their country!

Age groups

Whether you’re interested in trying out a sport for the first time or are looking to improve your skills in one you’re already involved in, Frontline Football offers various classes for every level of experience.

Development Boys


Ages 4 Years – 12 Years
Daily from 9am – 3.30pm (Drop off available from 8.30am)

Our development course mixes games to help the improvement of agility, balance, coordination and speed, with more football based practices. Our football exercises see us take a tour of the fundamental techniques through our unique curriculum, designed around players footballing heroes.


Mixing our newly improved technique and the understanding we have developed throughout the variety of practices, each day culminates in matches, competitions and tournaments to give our players the opportunity to show off what they have learned.


Ages 18 Months – 3 Years
Daily from 9am – 12pm (Drop off available from 8.30am)

A fun adventure experiencing many different sports, games and activities to keep our youngest stars active, engaged and laughing! Mixing simple movement games to enhance a players ABCs and a variety of sports using different equipment, with ‘classroom’ challenges, activities and games, we look to develop physical and mental literacy, whilst having a huge amount of fun!


What makes our clubs so great?

All our clubs have indoor and outdoor access and facilities, therefore sport is GUARANTEED for all our players, every day of the week. We believe this is vital to their enjoyment and participation.


As well of this fantastic bonus, we know our holiday clubs offer…


  • A fun, learning environment for all age groups

  • Children keeping active and engaged during their school holidays

  • Practices and exercises that encourage learning, improvement and independent decision making

  • Opportunities to practice and use skills in a competitive environment

  • A safe place for your child to be whilst away from school

  • Specially designed curriculums to ensure players get a chance to learn and develop all the fundamental skills and techniques of the game

  • The development of other key motor-skills, techniques and multi skill games


What We Develop:

  • Technical and Tactical Development

  • Social skills and emotion control

  • Communication and use of correct language

  • Motor Skills and ABCs (Agility, Balance and Coordination)

  • Developing strong relationships and team ethics

  • Physical well-being, development and outlook on exercise

  • Mathematical development, and individual creativity and Imagination

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