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At Frontline Football we want our youngest players to make the best start in their sporting activities. Through our nursery school programme, we facilitate all ages, all abilities and cater to their understanding of sports development with preparation for their KS1 physical education.


With our carefully constructed and established multi-activities curriculum, we focus on developing key motor skills and techniques for many different sports and physical activities.

Our Nursery School programme is based on children having fun through learning. We ensure that all our players are exposed to leaning in a structured, pressure free environment that covers individual challenges and team work/ games.


A large focus is also placed on the social and psychological aspects and benefits of sport, learning how to take directions, communicate and enjoy challenges. Children learn to listen, work together as a group, play safely together, share and take turns, and enjoy wanting to be active (both in and outside of the school environment)

Through our fast-paced games and practices to give players the experience of many different sports and activities, and keep focus, concentration and enjoyment to a maximum.


We want all players to improve their multi-skills, agility, balance, coordination and speed and with a specially tailored 10-30 week development programme, encompassing fundamental skills and activities, your children will enjoy learning new games and developing new skills. Children will learn simple and advanced movements, throwing, rolling and catching and kicking skills, all leading towards target games, various invasion games, fielding games and ball striking games.


Any Frontline Nursery Programme curriculum is curated for your nursery school environment, and our courses designed, tweaked and tailored to suit your needs and requirements. Whatever is planned, we know the children will all have a magnificent time, leaving them wanting more!


To find out more information about our Nursery School programme, to arrange us to come into your school to deliver a free trial session, or to ask any specific questions, please contact us, or download the link below.


Phone: 07834 005524






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