Saturdays 1pm-1.40pm and Sundays 1pm-2pm | Trent Park Country Club

Frontline Minis

Weekend football sessions for those aged 18 months - 3 years
Frontline Minis

Time & Location

Saturdays 1pm-1.40pm and Sundays 1pm-2pm
Trent Park Country Club, Oakwood, London N14 4UW, UK

About the Event

For our youngest stars. A holistic approach to coaching our youngest stars, where we focus on all motor skills and techniques from all different sports. Our fast-paced games and exercises mean our young girls and boys experience a world of sport in every session!

Activities are based on developing key motor skills, agility, balance, coordination and speed, alongside having fun through learning, with an aim of increasing social skills, sharing, taking turns, and to fully prepare all children for their KS1 and KS2 school life and physical education programmes. 

Our unique approach to activities encourages our players to have fun through learning and increase their concentration, focus and vital social skills, whilst providing an environment where children are excited and eager to join in new games and accept new challenges, without a fear of failure, and celebrate theirs and the friends successes.

We understand how players of this age learn, and by basing our high tempo games around their heroes and favourite characters, we capture their imaginations and keep players engaged and excited for the entirety of their session. We also introduce players to colours, numbers, letters and shapes, to help develop their experience in any school/learning environment.

Whilst our focus is on technique and our players having a huge amount of fun, we still ensure we are encouraging fundamental social and life skills within our youngest players, like taking turns, listening to others, receiving and understanding instruction and accepting success and failure.

What makes our minis course great:

  • Clear learning objectives over the period of a 6 week course
  • Mutli-sports centric and focus of key motor skills
  • Learning simple football techniques and skills
  • Children learn to play safely, with parents encouraged when needed to get involved and join the fun.
  • 45 minute classes
  • Efficiently staffed, by FA/UEFA qualified coaches, all carrying CRB and 1st Aid certificates
  • Safe, fun, learning environment
  • Saturday and Sunday sessions available

What we develop:

Through Frontline Football’s fun through learning philosophy, we look to inspire all aspects of a child’s physical and mental development. Throughout any Frontline Mini’s course, we will look to positively affect:

  • Motor Skills and ABCs (Agility, Balance and Coordination)
  • Social skills and emotion control
  • Communication and use of correct language
  • Technical Basics
  • Learning to follow simple and complex instructions
  • Introduction to session structures and organised learning.
  • Physical well-being, development and outlook on exercise
  • Mathematical development, and individual creativity and imagination

Available Frontline minis sessions:

Saturday 1 - 1.40pm @ Trent Park Country Club

Sunday 1 - 2pm @ Trent Park Country Club

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